7 Best Android Apps for Money Management

Who does not want to be able to stick to a budget and save money? However, this is easier said than done. To make matters easy for the common man, the tech world has come out with thousands of finance apps. Whether you need a money management app for budgeting and tracking expenses or for handling your investment portfolio, there is something for everyone. You can also choose the trading app, which helps you to earn profits in a short span of time. Check this out if you are keen in trading bitcoins to make higher profits.

7 Android Apps for Better Money Management:

  1. Spendee: This budget tracking app will help you keep track of your money. It tells you where you are spending all your money. It offers custom wallets for different occasions like anniversaries and birthdays. Besides, there is a primary wallet which is separate from these. You may add expenses made in different currencies; this is especially useful when you need to travel abroad often. You can create shared accounts for family members. All data is synchronized so that it is never misplaced.
  2. Good Budget: This finance app is based upon the traditional envelope system. So, you keep parts of your income in separate compartments for specific expenses. You can have multiple devices accessing the same account; so family members can share your budget. You however have to add account balances manually. With the free version you get access to a single account, two devices and only limited envelopes. The premium version gives you unlimited envelopes, 5 devices and other features. Money management is very important for every household and business owner and digital currencies will occupy the majority of trading platforms in the near future. Besides, the automated trading apps like bitcoin era is changing the traditional way of trading digital currencies.
  3. Pocket Guard: This tells you how much money you have at hand for spending. Every user can view the amount left inside the pocket for that day or month. You can even make smaller categories like grocery spending, expenses on eating out, spending on clothes etc.
  4. Mint: This has been one of the most popular personal finance apps for budgeting purposes. It is one of the leading tools in the market because it automatically updates transactions, creates images of expenses in real-time, and users can even add custom categories, split transactions, set budgets, track bills, and get alerts when the budget is overshooting its limit. You can even get free credit scores.
  5. YNAB: This finance app adopts the zero-based budgeting system. So, users must have a plan for all the money they spend. After a month-long trial of using this for free, you will need to pay nominal fees for its services. You may link bank accounts, create goals, contribute to your expenses and savings categories, etc. You can also enjoy access to app user guides, budget tips and free workshops.
  6. Every Dollar: This is by far one of the best budgeting apps around and you can download this on Android within a few minutes. It allows you to create your own monthly budget once you have typed in the details. The app will carry forward those details to every month and it takes only some seconds to make necessary tweaks to your budget. It also uses the zero-budget based system that implies you must account for every dollar that you earn and spend. This app is free and the paid version has some other attractive features.
  7. Wallet: This is a leading budget money tracker app that works with Android 4.1 and covers multiple devices. It makes tracking expenses a hassle-free process and you will get detailed reports of all your past spending. You may link this to your bank accounts and some banks also offer real-time sync with it so that you know exactly where your finances are. The app syncs your budget to offer you handy tips on how to achieve financial goals. It supports many currencies and therefore beneficial for travelers.